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CinderBio is growing!

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About CinderBio

CinderBio is the only enzyme company that uses Archaeal extremophilic microbes from volcanic hot springs to produce enzymes that operate in hot acid. We apply our enzyme catalysts to reduce or replace harsh petroleum-based chemicals in both industrial and laboratory processes to offer natural and sustainable products with superior performance. In short, we use the unique biodiversity of archaea to provide competitive sustainable solutions for our customers.


CinderBio’s technologies were developed over ten years of research at Lawrence Berkeley National Laboratory and the company is funded by grants from the National Science Foundation and the National Institutes of Health as well as a small group of committed private investors. The company’s founders are fellows in the prestigious Cyclotron Road program and participated in competitive programs such as the Chobani Food Tech Residency, SkyDeck, Plug and Play, Haas Cleantech to Market, and QB3 incubators. 


Our laboratory and office spaces are located at Gate 510 in San Leandro California and are fully equipped for molecular biology, biochemistry, and microbiology together with our production facility. We are expanding our small integrated team of highly motivated entrepreneurial scientists that wear many hats. 

Our Culture and Values

CinderBio is committed to becoming the global leader in extreme enzymes in order have a positive impact on Earth’s biology from the tiniest microbes to the towering redwoods.


We value equity in opportunity, honesty, respect, initiative, commitment, hard work, and safety

We let biology be our guide in our search for the most innovative and sustainable solutions for our customers

We are problem solvers and seek to continually learn and grow through being open to feedback, new ideas, and new opportunities 

We work as an integrated team to accomplish our goals

We genuinely enjoy science and technology and value its rigor

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