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Krakatoa-Biofluid CB23726B (1000U - 10x50ug rxns)

Krakatoa-Biofluid CB23726B (1000U - 10x50ug rxns)

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HTA-Protease© with E,L,F preferred cleavage sites. Optimal activity at pH 3.0, 80°C.


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Class:     HTA-Protease
Optimal pH:     3.0
pH Range:     1.8-4.2
Optimal Temp:     80°C
Temp. range:     40-100°C
Shelf Life:     >2 years (ambient)
  • Description

    Krakatoa-Biofluid© is shipped ready-to-use, requires no aliquoting, and is stored ambiently. Krakatoa cuts at E, L, and F residues preferentially. No autolysis is observed when using Krakatoa-Biofluid on its own. HTA-Protease digestions should be conducted at 70-90°C and pH of 2-4 for 5-60 minutes and do not require chaotropes, sample manipulation, or carbamidomethylation. Using brief one-step HTA-Protease reaction protocols significantly increase proteome and protein sequence coverage with datasets orthogonal to trypsin and have shown a bias for ribonucleoproteins, histones, mitochondrial, and membrane proteins.

  • Enzyme storage

    DO NOT FREEZE. Store enzymes at ambient temperatures. Enzyme preparations are stored in aqueous buffered solutions at pH 3 with 20mM potassium phosphate dibasic and 40mM citric acid. Optimal shelf lives are observed in this buffer at ambient temperatures. Because of this storage condition, reasonable care should be taken to avoid microbial contamination of the enzyme aliquot.

  • Materials Included

    Each order includes one 1000U tube of Krakatoa-Biofluid and one 1mL tube of 10x HTA-Protease buffer.

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