Harnessing 3 billion years of biology for today’s clean industry



CinderBio enzymes are made from amazing microbes that thrive in hot volcanic waters around the globe

CinderBio's patented technologies allow us to produce new ultra-stable enzymes for industrial and laboratory applications that work faster and last longer than anything previously available

CinderBio enzymes are optimally active in nearly boiling acid solutions and stable in most detergents and solvents at high temperature acid conditions

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Enzymes allow industries to do essential chemistry at a fraction of the cost of traditional methods with the added benefits of being faster, more efficient, and biodegradable

Clean in place

Biofilm removal




Enzymes are naturalbiodegradable, and non-toxic

Enzymes have positive environmental impacts where their use replaces harmful chemicals

Enzymes have important roles to play in moving industries away from petroleum-based processes to bio-based solutions that are carbon and climate-neutral

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